I see you – working mom struggling with the guilt of not being with your children enough.

I see you – stay at home mom who feels under-appreciated, over worked, and under-valued.

I see you – struggling with the anger that bubbles up after too many hours of no one listening to you, or when getting home to chaos, no food in the fridge, and a mess of a house

I see you feeling stretched in all directions, feeling like you are good at nothing, and mediocre (at best) at everything

I see you having no time for yourself, even just five minutes in the shower to be alone

I see you feeling bad about your marriage because you don’t have enough time to put in the effort a marriage needs to work long term

I see your loneliness

I see your sadness

I see your desperateness to connect with other women who feel the same, but afraid because you don’t want to be the only one …..

Women are creatures of connection and compassion. We need our tribe. We need other women who can identify with our struggle, and offer glimmers of hope and strength through the tough times. Whether it is other working mothers, where you can go in their office and tell them how your cried the whole way to work over the guilt you feel, or other stay at home moms who can provide an outlet to the loneliness of home. Or other women entrepreneurs. Or yogis. Or crossfitters. Or whatever your community is…. We need it.

When we are seen, like really seen, by other women who can understand our experiences and our emotions, and tell us – “me too,” we are validated. We become softer with ourselves and begin to see beyond the struggles into the possibilities.

I see it every time I come together with my different tribes, where I offer my ear, or am given an ear and a shoulder. I am grateful every day for my community. It has inspired me to take bigger risks then I have ever imagined, and offered me more support than I thought I ever deserved.

This holiday season, know you don’t have to do this all alone. We are out here. Cheering you on, waiting for you to join our tribe. If you’ve thought about reaching out, trying something new, introducing yourself, do it. Imagine the possibilities of finding a tribe that really sees you, encourages you, says “me too”, and believes in you.

Sarah April

About Sarah April

Sarah knew she wanted to return to her roots to practice law and start a family. She began her career as a judicial clerk and then a commercial litigator at large firms in the Denver area. She transitioned to a transactional based practice as in-house counsel at a Fortune 500 company, where her practice focused on commercial contracts, real estate transactions, and providing practical legal counsel to her clients.

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