While having significant experience working for some of the largest and most well-respected law firms and companies in Colorado, we have chosen to leave the high-rise office buildings to roll up our sleeves for clients who share our passion for the health, wellness, fitness, sports and outdoor industries.  As former athletes, current weekend warriors and committed parents who know that while it may not be possible to have “it all”, it is worth trying your best to get there.  We are keenly aware of the business and legal challenges facing entrepreneurs and small businesses in our industries, and we are dedicated to providing quality, cost-effective legal services that won’t be an obstacle to your success.  We believe in the marriage of profession and passion, and we understand sports, health and fitness industry professionals and participants because we are part of the tribe.  We want to be your trusted advisor through critical business and legal decisions to ensure protection and long term success for your business.

Practice Areas

Here at Kinetic Legal, we want to help your business succeed.  We understand the unique nature of the health and fitness industry and can provide dynamic, experienced, and cost-effective solutions that will propel your business to the next level.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether you want to acquire a new business, sell your existing business, or change the structure of your business, we can advise on the best way to effect this change and draft and negotiate the appropriate documentation to accomplish that transaction.

Business/Entity Formation

We can help you choose which entity is right for you and your business and draft the appropriate documentation for that business structure.

Brand Protection

If you have a name, logo, or tag line, we can help make sure your intellectual property is protected.


Many of our clients’ businesses are dependent on location. We have extensive experience on both the landlord and tenant side when negotiating commercial leases.

Partnership & Joint Venture

We can work with your business to determine how best to structure a relationship with another business or potential partner and draft the appropriate documentation to reflect such agreement.

Commercial Contracts

Contracts are an essential part of any small business, and we can work with your business to put together all the agreements necessary to operate, including waivers, employee contracts, consulting/IC agreements, vendor/sales contracts, and NDAs.

Legal Services

Our goal is to be your business partner. We have comprehensive experience working with businesses of all sizes to protect their interests, mitigate risk, and help meet their goals. Whether you want to grow, sell, make sure you are adequately protecting your business’ interests, or just get a second opinion, we are here.

Business Development

A good attorney not only can advise on legal risks, but will understand those risks in light of the business advantage. With our business background, we are able to give our clients sound business advise in conjunction with our legal recommendations.

Other Services

If we can’t help you with what you need, we have a vast network of qualified attorneys and consultants who can help. We can help point in the right direction so you can get your problem solved.

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